Best purchase I’ve ever made

I have had a love for pictures for a long time! It started with those throw away cameras and getting my Mama to develop the actual pictures after I came home from church camp and then I remember the first digital camera I got, it was about the size of my hand and then IContinue reading “Best purchase I’ve ever made”

iPhone Tech for moving your pictures

I love this piece of technology for my iPhone and getting pictures easily transferred to my computer for storage on my external hard drive and Cloud spaces. We all know I take lots of pictures and videos and I run out of space on my iPhone backup space so I need to move my cellContinue reading “iPhone Tech for moving your pictures”

SLR and iPhone users MUST HAVE

We know I take a ton of pictures on my SLR Camera and sometimes I don’t feel like editing on my computer, so this cool little piece of technology allows me to take the pictures from my memory card straight to my iPhone. So convenient! SD Card Reader, Lightning Adapter for iPhone (Support iOS 11.4Continue reading “SLR and iPhone users MUST HAVE”