Toy Story Lovers VDay Gift MUST HAVE

Luke was obsessed with WildMan’s Buzz which had wings that popped out, but we thought that the big toys were a little too bulky so in starting his little collection, we went for the smaller ones. Excited to keep adding to his collection after he gets the Buzz and Rex and Valentine’s Day! Disney PixarContinue reading “Toy Story Lovers VDay Gift MUST HAVE”

Luke’s favorite shoes

Crocs were a bad shoe for JJ when she was little, she would always fall. But Luke and Daddy wear theirs almost daily! And I sometimes slip into Daddy’s Camo pair to walk Rocky, haha. Crocs Classic Realtree Clog | Camo Men and Women, Khaki, 15 Crocs Kids Coast Clog (Toddler/Little Kid) Black 1 LittleContinue reading “Luke’s favorite shoes”

Kids School Work Organized

I saw a family member do this and I loved it! Keeping all their pieces of school work that I want to keep organized by categories in this type of storage. Lots of school papers went in the trash, a friend told me there is no way you can keep all of this…so true! Sterilite,Continue reading “Kids School Work Organized”