Life saver when entering grades

Teachers if you don’t have a keypad on your laptop then you are going to want to spend some extra dough on this wireless keypad that hooks up to your laptop through a USB adapter. Wireless Number Pads, Numeric Keypad Numpad 22 Keys Portable 2.4 GHz Financial Accounting Number Keyboard Extensions 10 Key for Laptop,Continue reading “Life saver when entering grades”

Digital Clock to help dismiss the students on time

I need a large font digital clock to remind me the time at school, because I lose track of time often with all the fun I am having in math class! I needed this to keep the kids from asking me what time it is since they can’t read the hands on a clock! YouContinue reading “Digital Clock to help dismiss the students on time”

Blue Blockers are a must for those of us on the computer all the time!

I found out the real consequences of staring at a computer all day when we were forced to do distance learning last spring. Normally in the classroom I have my eyes on the students, but the way we were learning and teaching during COVID was looking at a screen for both student and teacher! WhenContinue reading “Blue Blockers are a must for those of us on the computer all the time!”

Virtual Teachers MUST HAVE!

We were told two days before Christmas break that we would be learning from home for two weeks after the new year due to COVID-19. I have a super digital system in my classroom-I normally have my notes on PDF on my SMARTboard and I write directly on the board and it saves digitally- noContinue reading “Virtual Teachers MUST HAVE!”