No more patience with old timey thermometers

I have no idea how my parents kept us so still while taking our temperatures on those thermometers we used 30 years ago. These now are pretty cool, almost instantly, helps my sanity of knowing if my whining kid is not feeling good or just needs some more discipline, haha! Vibeey Thermometer for Adults, DigitalContinue reading “No more patience with old timey thermometers”

Smoothies kick start Joseph’s day

Joseph needs a lot of energy to get him through his physical day of working outside in heat, and sometimes he doesn’t like to eat much for lunch either due to his schedule. So the smoothie gives him a lot of nutrients in a quick and healthy option. He loves to make Peanut Butter/Blueberry/Avocado oneContinue reading “Smoothies kick start Joseph’s day”

Blue Blockers are a must for those of us on the computer all the time!

I found out the real consequences of staring at a computer all day when we were forced to do distance learning last spring. Normally in the classroom I have my eyes on the students, but the way we were learning and teaching during COVID was looking at a screen for both student and teacher! WhenContinue reading “Blue Blockers are a must for those of us on the computer all the time!”

Smart plugs…some love, some hate

I love telling Alexa what to do around the house and she controls those technology pieces. Joseph says it would be easier to just click the button himself. He just hasn’t learned how to multitask like the best of us YET! When I tell Alexa “Good morning Luke,” she turns his sound machine off, hisContinue reading “Smart plugs…some love, some hate”