We took chilling in the driveway to a new level

I know many of you have those cute little patio sets to relax and watch TV in the great outdoors. When we were growing up, my dad was working in his shop and my mama never came out and me and my brother just played outside. In these day and times, I want my eyesContinue reading “We took chilling in the driveway to a new level”

Essential Oils

My Mama got me on essential oils when JJ was born and we’ve been using for over 6 years. I run them in a diffuser in most rooms of the house and my classroom, I use them for me-kids-dog! I love them! Eden’s Garden is the brand we use mostly, but there is a YoungContinue reading “Essential Oils”

Gift for him is really a gift for me

Joseph’s work causes his body to hurt, so he often asks me to massage his back, arms, legs, neck…I saw this massager and thought this would be easier on my hands and fingers and it has worked wonderfully for both me and him! Happy husband, happy wife! RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager for Muscles,Continue reading “Gift for him is really a gift for me”