What Granna wants, she finally gets!

Granna has had this on her Amazon wishlist for some time and if you love to keep your car organized and always seem to be searching for a Kleenex then you need this item too!

Mr.Ho Black Leather Car Visor Tissue Holder Mount, Hanging Tissue Holder Case for Car Seat Back, Multi-use Paper Towel Cover Case with One Tissue Refill for Car & Truck Decoration

Mr.Ho Black Leather Car Visor Tissue Holder Mount, Hanging Tissue Holder Case for Car Seat Back, Multi-use Paper Towel Cover Case with One Tissue Refill for Car & Truck Decoration

Monster Truck lover needs this!

Luke has been given a lot of Monster Trucks and now we are running out of room to store them, so this nifty container is a must have! I love it because it keeps the monster trucks off the floor and he loves it because he says it is a suitcase, haha!

Monster Jam, Carrying Case for up to 15 Official 1:64 Scale Monster Truck Die-Cast Vehicles

Smell goods around the house

My dad always says he smells Rocky when he walks in our house, so I got one of these and put right at the front door and set it to spray quite often automatically!

Glade Automatic Spray Refill and Holder Kit, Air Freshener for Home and Bathroom, Clean Linen, 6.2 Oz

I love this and I think it helps!

Glade Automatic Spray Refill Clean Linen, Air Freshener Spray, 6.2 oz, Pack of 2

DVDs for our car rides

One of my favorite purchases was for this DVD player since our vehicle didn’t have one. It has made trips even 15 minutes down the road easier with the 2 year old! And those longer drives 3 hour or 7 hours, thank you Lord for this piece of technology!

FANGOR 10.5 Dual DVD Player for Car Portable Headrest Video Players with 2 Mounting Brackets, 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Last Memory, USB/SD Card R

Great purchase! But now not many people keep actual DVDs, our family now has a reason to add them to our wishlist, so I wanted to share some of the kids’ favorites to watch in the car.

JJ is totally in love with the Descendants Series!

Descendants/Descendants 2 2-Movie Collection (DVD)


Luke is loving monster trucks right now, so Blaze keeps him occupied for hours!

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Heroes of Axle City

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Robot Riders

Virtual Teachers MUST HAVE!

We were told two days before Christmas break that we would be learning from home for two weeks after the new year due to COVID-19. I have a super digital system in my classroom-I normally have my notes on PDF on my SMARTboard and I write directly on the board and it saves digitally- no dry erase markers for me, haha.

A lot of my friends use a document camera as they are teaching in their classrooms to pretty much do the same thing as me except they are using a pencil/pen and piece of paper where I am using my SMARTboard software/board/pen.

A friend told me about this product and I had some giftcards, so I only had to pay $20, but when I got this tablet in the mail and I was so excited! I am able to write on the tablet just like I would write on my SMARTboard in my classroom, but I was sitting on my couch! So easy to show my work for math to demonstrate for the kids.

XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet Digital Tablet Painting Board with Touch Hot Keys and Battery-Free Passive Stylus

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Finally updated Rocky’s feeding and watering bowls

Rocky is 8 years old and and his water and food bowls needed some updating. I think he is enjoying not having to bend over as much as his old bowls, so we both have been happy with this purchase! I was not happy about spending a pretty penny for dog bowls, but since I hadn’t bought him a new one in 8 years then I didn’t mind it.

BestVida 12″ Elevated Dog Bowls Raised Dog Bowls Double Bowl Stand Stainless Steel Bowls Pet Feeder Comes with Four Stainless Steel Bowls

BestVida Elevated Dog Bowls Raised Dog Bowls Double Bowl Stand Stainless Steel Bowls Pet Feeder Comes with Four Stainless Steel Bowls

Who is HopShop?

HopShop is made up of a dynamic team. Joseph who loves his family, playing the drums, golf and finding ways to make his job in lawncare easier…Susan who spends a lot of time trying to find ways to run the household and her classroom of 6th graders, but also has a love for photography…JJ who is the definition of a girly girl, but you can find her first in line to try all the fun and crazy rides and toys, she also loves to learn and play on her iPad…Luke who is ALL BOY and loves monster trucks and balls…lastly Rocky who completes our team with love for comfy beds and a good grooming.

When we use a product that is really a game changer we want to share it with more than our direct circle or keeping the information to ourselves.

We plan on sharing with you a wide range of products that we:

  • use in our careers (education and lawncare)
  • use around the house to improve our looks and chore-related tasks
  • toys for the kids
  • photography
  • golfing

I actually enjoying cleaning my floors

One of my favorite Christmas gifts is something that is making Chore Day a little easier…BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave!

I had to plug in to three different outlets to cover my entire house, but none of that upper body workout that I usually get while I am mopping the floors. Squirt and glide, easy peasy! I used on tile and vinyl flooring-making sure not to drench the floor panels, but still didn’t use a lot of the water solution (even on the small job amount in the container on the Bissell).

Make sure you add this to your Amazon Wishlist or buy here TODAY!

BIG hit with the kids

I love this toy, the kids love this toy! Our kids spend a ton of time outside, so when they outgrew a 12 volt battery ride on, I knew I wanted something bigger and more powerful for both of them to ride together.

Walmart had Best Choice Products Kids 24V 2-Seater Mercedes-Benz Ride On SUV Truck w/ Remote Control, 3.7 MPH Max, Lights – Black and we have loved this item from Santa!

What we really love for our 2 year old is the remote control that we are able to drive the ride on to help him learn how to drive without crashing into our vehicles or mailbox or anything else. I am so glad the kids got a RideOn to enjoy together like I would drive my brother around 20 years ago in my Barbie Jeep!