Toddler cam and monitor

My sister-in-law told me about this camera when I was ready to get rid of the baby monitor with video. Great quality and I love! Was a little worried about the video going over Wi-Fi, but the technology people at her bank she works at told her it was safe, so I trusted their opinion!Continue reading “Toddler cam and monitor”

Dropped alarm to switch to RING

We got all this equipment needed to secure my home from Amazon…monitored for $10 a month through RING! LOVE!!! Easy to install, I did most everything myself except for the motion in the living room I had a hard time reaching (Joseph finished installing). I love that Alexa is connected to Ring, so I canContinue reading “Dropped alarm to switch to RING”

Joseph loves his wireless charger

I have the Loopy case on my phone so the wireless feature can’t reach my battery, but Joseph loves just throwing his phone on the charger and not having to deal with plugging a cord into the phone. Anker Wireless Charger, PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR,Continue reading “Joseph loves his wireless charger”

Must have for outside party in the summer

If you don’t use these when making water balloons, bless your heart! These make 100 balloons, but so much easier and you get to enjoy the fun instead of stressing about filling those dang balloons up for hours! Bunch O Balloons – Instant Water Balloons –  Blue (3 bunches – 100 Total Water Balloons)

No more patience with old timey thermometers

I have no idea how my parents kept us so still while taking our temperatures on those thermometers we used 30 years ago. These now are pretty cool, almost instantly, helps my sanity of knowing if my whining kid is not feeling good or just needs some more discipline, haha! Vibeey Thermometer for Adults, DigitalContinue reading “No more patience with old timey thermometers”