Getting ready for the mountains!

Granna gifted me with these awesome boots this year and I am so excited to go to the mountains with them, but getting a lot of wear out of them around Myrtle Beach too! Today we had basketball and it was pretty cold but with these boots I stayed nice and toasty! I did alsoContinue reading “Getting ready for the mountains!”

Essential Oils

My Mama got me on essential oils when JJ was born and we’ve been using for over 6 years. I run them in a diffuser in most rooms of the house and my classroom, I use them for me-kids-dog! I love them! Eden’s Garden is the brand we use mostly, but there is a YoungContinue reading “Essential Oils”

Banana hook without the whole fruit stand

Not sure if some people are like us and we only keep bananas and not a lot of other fruit. I wanted a fruit stand, but just for the banana hook. When I went to look for one I saw this Banana Hook – Ripen Bananas Naturally with Under Cabinet Banana Hanger / Banana Holder.Continue reading “Banana hook without the whole fruit stand”

Digital Clock to help dismiss the students on time

I need a large font digital clock to remind me the time at school, because I lose track of time often with all the fun I am having in math class! I needed this to keep the kids from asking me what time it is since they can’t read the hands on a clock! YouContinue reading “Digital Clock to help dismiss the students on time”

If you make waffles at home, this is for you!

We make waffles almost weekly and this cool kitchen tool lets me dump all the ingredients in and shake, once I use all the batter all of the pieces go straight into the dishwasher. Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer with BlenderBall Wire Whisk Our favorite waffle maker is a mini one! Cook quick, give them toContinue reading “If you make waffles at home, this is for you!”