Teachers, this will take your bulletin board to the next level

I love going into classrooms of other teachers. This morning while checking in on one of my favorites I noticed how perfect her bulletin board looked and she told me about this awesome product! I know the teacher’s paycheck is precious, but add this to your wishlist for your classroom bulletin board and you won’tContinue reading “Teachers, this will take your bulletin board to the next level”

My 20 year old DVD player is outdated

I had an itch to watch some of the Fast and Furious movies and I go to play one of the discs and remember that I used to watch on Joseph’s Playstation (it was also a BluRay Player) that we sold, so I needed something to play these movies! I got this one and itContinue reading “My 20 year old DVD player is outdated”

Getting ready for a Blue’s Clues fanatic birthday

It is nice to admit when you realize your kids have been spoiled with STUFF and you want to try to help in that area. So WildMan’s Mama said he really loves bath time so she suggested this for him–practical good job, but we needed more for him, so she came across this drum set.Continue reading “Getting ready for a Blue’s Clues fanatic birthday”

Toy Story Lovers VDay Gift MUST HAVE

Luke was obsessed with WildMan’s Buzz which had wings that popped out, but we thought that the big toys were a little too bulky so in starting his little collection, we went for the smaller ones. Excited to keep adding to his collection after he gets the Buzz and Rex and Valentine’s Day! Disney PixarContinue reading “Toy Story Lovers VDay Gift MUST HAVE”