Parents, kids, full time jobs, business owner, lots of fun, lots of crazy

HopShop is made up of a dynamic team. Joseph who loves his family, golf and finding ways to make his job in lawncare easier…Susan who spends a lot of time trying to find ways to run the household and her classroom of 6th graders, but also has a love for photography…JJ who is the definition of a girly girl, but you can find her first in line to try all the fun and crazy rides and toys, she also loves to learn and play on her iPad…Luke who is ALL BOY and loves monster trucks and balls…lastly Rocky who completes our team with love for comfy beds and a good grooming.

When we use a product that is really a game changer we want to share it with more than our direct circle or keeping the information to ourselves.

We plan on sharing with you a wide range of products that we:

  • use in our careers (education and lawncare)
  • use around the house to improve our looks and chore-related tasks
  • toys for the kids
  • photography
  • golfing
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