We took chilling in the driveway to a new level

I know many of you have those cute little patio sets to relax and watch TV in the great outdoors. When we were growing up, my dad was working in his shop and my mama never came out and me and my brother just played outside. In these day and times, I want my eyes on my kids when they are outside. Living the neighborhood life in Myrtle Beach sitting in the driveway is the closest way to the action. So last Christmas we put us a little TV in the garage and Joseph would get us a little bonfire going and it was so nice to be out while the kids were playing.

As I was sitting in our beach chairs in the driveway while watching TV one day I decided there had to be a more comfy way to enjoy this lifestyle.

In comes the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair for under $50 and living up to the slogan, “The Escape Chair is meant for you to sit back, relax and put your feet up … literally” with its super cool footrest! I love this chair and I am so glad we splurged and bought them!

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