Got rid of 3 cleaning tools for THIS ONE

Had my eye on the cordless Dyson for $400, but did NOT want to spend that much. So I found this off brand Inse Cordless Vacuum that is currently unavailable, but doing some research you can find others that look to be comparable.

I only spent $130 and I am loving it! This actually replaced my Swiffer, a handheld vacuum and my Dyson vacuum we got almost 10 years ago for a wedding gift that had started to break on me.

We don’t have a place to mount the vacuum, but if we did that would take this vacuum up to a-whole-nother level!

If I keep it on the low speed and can do the whole house which is a 3-bedroom on one battery. If I am just doing a quick kitchen and living room or cleaning out the cars then I will use the high speed.

I am just so happy how clean our house feels, with dog coming in and out and Joseph’s work shoes coming in and out and kids running in and out-lots of dirt is tracked in the house, lol. So this purchase has been one of my favorites!

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