Y’all know I loved my Loopy Case! But I was always needing my debit card and license, so I started the hunt for the perfect case/wallet for me after seeing what others were using. Because I do like how helpful the loop/popsocket is to help me hold my phone, but with the Loopy there is no where for the wallet to attach to the back of my phone case.

In steps this product! I just bought a random basic case that I could attach this PopSocket to and I have loved it!

You can remove the wallet and I can actually use the wireless charging capabilities of my phone where I could not with the Loopy because it could not lay flat on the charger.

If you already have enough in your hands, this wallet is for you because we know our phone is always with us and now our card/license will be too!

PopSockets PopWallet+ with Integrated Swappable PopTop – Black

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