A little extra cleaning

I watched a motivating video on Facebook about cleaning, so Saturday I spent 4 solid hours cleaning, she spent 7 hours in the video-but I thought I better save something for Spring Break, lol.

Mama reminded me about using a Magic Eraser to clean tubs.

The Robot vacuumed for us while we were at basketball. JJ did her usual chores, cleaned mirrors, took trash out of bathroom and her new job was to scrub the sinks and tubs with the Magic Eraser. So impressed with the result, but Joseph said he didn’t notice 😦

I did my usual chores…dusted, swiffer, cleaned toilets, mopped. But I also cleaned inside and outside of windows, I moved furniture to get lots of hidden dust bunnies. I wiped down the baseboards.

I ordered some cleaning items from Grove, to better keep surfaces wiped down more regularly, instead of waiting on cleaning day Saturday. I can’t wait to borrow or buy one of those steamers to get the grout cleaned. I want to go through each room and get rid of clothes and stuff and better organize over Spring Break.

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