Virtual Teachers MUST HAVE!

We were told two days before Christmas break that we would be learning from home for two weeks after the new year due to COVID-19. I have a super digital system in my classroom-I normally have my notes on PDF on my SMARTboard and I write directly on the board and it saves digitally- no dry erase markers for me, haha.

A lot of my friends use a document camera as they are teaching in their classrooms to pretty much do the same thing as me except they are using a pencil/pen and piece of paper where I am using my SMARTboard software/board/pen.

A friend told me about this product and I had some giftcards, so I only had to pay $20, but when I got this tablet in the mail and I was so excited! I am able to write on the tablet just like I would write on my SMARTboard in my classroom, but I was sitting on my couch! So easy to show my work for math to demonstrate for the kids.

XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet Digital Tablet Painting Board with Touch Hot Keys and Battery-Free Passive Stylus

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